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GRAD 2016 BANQUET!!!!!!

The Grad Banquet is held at The Pan Pacific, Vancouver on Friday, May 27, 2016 (6:00 - 10:00 pm. This is a formal event for grade 12 students of Delview only. 


Red Carpet – Friday, May 27, 2016 (3:00 - 4:00 pm, Grads are to arrive by 2:45 pm)

The Red Carpet event is held at the front of the school at Delview prior to the Grad Banquet. Family members and friends are invited to join the Grads for photographs as the Grads themselves make their way up the red carpet and are introduced to their guests and have their group photo. There will be no parking at the front of the school.  Refreshments will be provided


The multi-talented Beth Scott talks to us about unicycling, band, singing, dancing, musical theatre, Alexander Hamilton, anxiety, NYC, dogs, acting, improv, and more! My new co-host Shagun is fired Trump-style (even though she told me she'd be late). This was recorded during our 30 Hour Famine (sorry no clips!). More episodes at http://raideo.weebly.com/ or subscribe on iTunes, Google Play or in any of your favourite podcast apps.



On Tuesday, May 3rd Ms. Li-Hindson's History 12 class had the privilege to participated in the 41st Annual Holocaust Symposium at UBC with 24 other high schools in BC. This very important event was sponsored by the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre.  At the Symposium, students sat in a lecture on the Holocaust by Professor Friedrich, a specialist on German history who has taught at UBC since 1973.  They heard from two survivors of the Holocaust, Mariette Doduck a Jewish child and war orphan who hid from the Nazis through the war, and Professor Peter Suedfeld, a Hungarian Jewish child who hid in a Catholic orphanage during the war.  The day concluded with a panel discussion, students' questions, and a candle lighting tribute in memory of all victims of the Holocaust.


On Wednesday April 27, our senior Foods students had the opportunity to attend a chocolate making class and information session at Purdy's Chocolate Factory in Vancouver. At Purdy's students were met by two of the company's taste-testers and chocolate masters. Students learned about how chocolate is sourced, fermented, roasted and made into the delectable treats that we have all grown to enjoy. At the end of the presentation, students had the opportunity to create their own chocolate bark using a variety of specialty ingredients. Students learned about the intricate process involved in chocolate making as well as  how to become expert taste-testers. All in all, Mrs. Bochen and Mrs. Forbes felt the trip with their students was a success.













Reportcards for Term 3 are now available for viewing on Parent Connect.  To view your child's report card, please click on Parent Connect to the right of the screen.  Once in Parent Connect, click on the Grades Tab at the top of the screen followed by Current Grades.

 For further information or any questions, please contact the school at 604-594-5491.



NOW AVAILABLE—The District/Authority Scholarships and the Community Awards for Delview’s 2016 graduates. The deadline for application (for both) is 3:15 pm on Tuesday, May 10, 2016.

District/Authority Scholarships
These scholarships, worth $1250 in voucher form, come from the government to recognize non-academic achievements. If you have outstanding accomplishments in one of the following seven categories, you can apply: Indigenous Languages and Culture, Fine Arts, Applied Skills, Physical Activity, Second Languages, Community Service, or Technical & Trades Training.

For details and the application process, please see the Career Centre website’s District/Authority Scholarships page:

Community Awards
These are scholarships or bursaries donated by organizations within the community and cover a wide range of eligibility (e.g., where you went to elementary school, your educational goal, your gender, community service you’ve performed, financial need, the trade you’re going into, etc.). Their value varies.

For details and the application process, please see the Career Centre website’s Community Awards page:

Online registration for Delta Summer School courses will begin on Tuesday April 5, 2016.  Click here for more information.
•     Full credit Completion courses will begin Monday July 4 and finish Friday, August 5, 2016 (5 weeks). Classes will run 3.5 hours daily, morning and/or afternoon, depending on course enrolments.
•     Skill-building (formerly “Remedial”) courses will begin Monday July 4 and finish Friday July 22, 2016 (3 weeks). These courses will be offered for Grade 8 and 9 Math, Science, English and Socials classes only.
•     There will be two English Language Learner sessions:  July 4-22 OR July 25-August 12. There will also be additional fee-paying ELL Camps available throughout the summer.

The Career Centre has uploaded PowerPoint presentations on postsecondary information for parents and graduating students. In Part 1, a voiceover explains about the smaller institutions: Vancouver Community College, Douglas, Langara, Capilano, and University of the Fraser Valley. Part 2 looks at UBC, SFU, and the University of Victoria. The focus of Part 4 is the Justice Institute, BCIT, Emily Carr, and Trades. Part 5 provides information on Scholarships. Watch in sequence for the whole presentation or choose the sections most relevant to you. 

Please click on here to view the career centre youtube channel.

Also, please visit our Delview Career Centre by clicking on here.




May 11                    Collab Day

May 20                    Pro D Day

May 23                    Victoria Day

May 25                    Collab Day

May 27                    Grad Banquet

June 8                     Collab Day

June 21                   Last Day of Classes

June 27                  Commencement


 The full 2015-2016 calendar is posted under ABOUT or PARENTS or click here









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