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 Delview's 25th Thanks 4 Giving on October 26 just keeps on giving!!!!!!  $2000 has been donated to Delta Assist to help out with their Christmas Hampers!!!!!! 

Well done Delview!




25 years ago Delview teachers Ron McNeill, Barb Woodford, and Sandy Ferguson started a food drive called "10-in-1" (10,000 items in 1 night) to collect cans to help local food banks. Since then, this has become a uniquely Delview tradition as year after year we send our students into the North Delta neighbourhood to canvass. This year our students went out and collected a record-breaking 26,411 non perishable food items!  Delview would like to thank the entire community of North Delta for continued support in providing for Deltassist and the Surrey Food Bank.  Also, a thank you to all the volunteer drivers and former students and staff who came out to this amazing night!  Once A Raider Always A Raider!  Please click on the following links for photos and videos:

Splitscreen video of the final count! 

Photo album of T4G25

Breakfast Television Coverage

North Delta Reporter Coverage

KISS Radio Coverage




Student fees are now due.  Please go to Parent Connect to view fees.  Payments may be made by cash or cheque payable to Delview Secondary School.



Delview has a new Agenda Application for mobile devices this year.  The Delview mobile agenda app is personalized with Delview's calendar, timetable and identity, and has a direct link to the school website. It will also receive push notifications sent by our administrators to remind you of upcoming events, let you know about schedule changes, advise you of school closures, and other news.

Download App:

•    iOS devices - Download the free Delview App here from the iTunes store (link to this address: "")
•    Android devices - Download the free Delview App here from the Google Play store (Link to this address: "")

Delview App Reference Guide



Please log into Parent Connect to verify student information, as well as complete the online consent forms.  These varous forms are requeired in order for you student(s) to participate in school activities and prorams.  Any questions regardin paretn connect or how to log in, please contact the school's front office.





Listen to "Raideo Podcast" on Spreaker.



If your child is absent from a class without notification, an email will be sent to your email address.  Automated phone calls will not made for student absences.  Please contact the school if you need to update or add email addresses.


 Walk to School Collaboration Wednesdays

Frustrated by the long student drop off lines at the front of Delview? Feeling as though your teenager should be getting to school without your help? Thinking that your kids and all kids, in general, could do with more exercise and the outdoors?

Well…the staff of Delview agree (and research supports our view)! As such, we are bringing about a new initiative this year: WALK (or bike, rollerblade, or skateboard) TO SCHOOL COLLABORATIVE WEDNESDAYS!

Beginning with our first Collaboration Day on Wed. Sept. 21, the STUDENT DROP OFF PARKWAY IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL WILL BE CLOSED from 8:00-9:45am. Please encourage your kids to plan to walk, scoot, or skate to school with their friends.

Adjacent parking lots will also be unavailable during this time! Please help us help your kids experience the value of independence, exercise, and community spirit by LEAVING YOUR CAR PARKED AT HOME!

Canadian Guidelines Recommend That......

For health benefits, youth aged 12 - 17 years should minimize the time they spend being sedentary each day.  This may be achieved by:

- Limiting recreational screen time to no more than 2 hours per day; lower levels are associated with addional health benefits.

- Limiting sedentary (motorized) transport, extended sitting and time spent indoors throughout the day.


One recommendation is that "instead of driving or taking the bus, teens can walk or bike to school with a group of friends from the neighbourhood.





December 6                        Late Start 9:35

December 7                        Fine Arts Night

December 13                      Late Start 9:35

December 20                      Late Start 9:35

December 21                      Last day before Winter break

January 8                            Schools reopen

January 10                          Late Start 9:35

January 17                          Late Start 9:35

January 24                          Late Start 9:35

January 24                          Last Day of Classes Semester 1

January 26                          Last Day of Semester 1

January 29                          Start of Semester 2

January 31                          Late Start 9:35

February 2                          Term 2 Reportcards

February 2                          Grade 9 Immunizations

February 7                          Late Start 9:35

February 12                        Family Day - Schools Closed

February 14                        Late Start 9:35

February 21                        Late Start 9:35

February 23                        Pro D Day

February 28                        Late Start 9:35

March 7                              Late Start 9:35

March 14                            Late Start 9:35

March 15                            Parent Teacher Conferences 1:00 Dismissal

March 19 -April 2               Springbreak

April 4                                Late Start 9:35

April 11                              Late Start 9:35

April 18                              Late Start 9:35

April 20                              Pro D Day

April 25                              Late Start 9:35

April 27                              Term 3 Reportcards

May 2                                  Late Start 9:35

May 9                                  Late Start 9:35

May 16                                Late Start 9:35

May 18                                Pro D Day

May 21                                Victoria Day - Schools Closed

May 25                                Graduation Banquet

May 30                                Late Start 9:35

May 31                                Fine Arts Night

June 6                                  Late Start 9:35

June 13                                Late Start 9:35

June 25                                Commencement

June 28                                Final Report Card