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The Delview Grad Class will be holding a bottle drive on Saturday, April 25 from 9:00 - 4:00.  Students will be coming door to door collecting bottles.  If you won't be home, please leave bottles on the front doorstep marked 'DELVIEW' or you may drop off at the school between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.  The Graduating Class of 2015 thanks your for your support!



"The Delview S.S. Theatre Dept. is thrilled to invite everyone to come and see our upcoming spring musical, the modern classic musical-comedy-horror show, "Little Shop of Horrors"!! This beloved musical, written by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman, is set in the rough "Skid Row" area of New York City, in a little run-down florist's shop. Mr. Mushnik, the owner, is fretting about the lack of business lately, when his mild-mannered and clumsy employee, Seymour Krelbourn, brings into the shop one day a strange little plant which will soon transform their fortunes, as well as their lives, in unexpected ways. Seymour also happens to be in love with his co-worker, Audrey, but she is entangled in an abusive relationship with her dentist boyfriend, Orin. This unusual love triangle gets more complicated as Seymour's strange plant starts to grow and grow, and displays an insatiable appetite...for blood!

The soundtrack is jam-packed with incredibly catchy, memorable songs, and the show combines slapstick comedy, lively song & dance numbers, the gruesome horror of a giant bloodthirsty singing plant, and the touching story of a man driven to extreme measures for the sake of success and true love. There was a popular movie version in 1986 starring Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene and Steve Martin, although the movie changed quite a few elements of the original stage musical, especially the ending.

Our cast and crew include students from Grade 8 right up to Grade 12, and all of us are very proud and excited to share this show with you! Please come join us for "FOUR FRIGHTFUL NIGHTS OF MUSICAL MAYHEM": Tuesday May 5th, Wednesday May 6th, Thursday May 7th and Friday May 8th!! Curtain is at 7PM sharp, and tickets are all general seating: $15 at the door for adults ($12 in advance) and $10 at the door for students and seniors ($8 in advance). Please call the school office at (604) 594-5491 for information about ticket sales. We hope to see you there!!


 Summer School Registration

•    Online summer school registration will begin the first week after spring break; please click on the link below for online registration.
•    Delta will offer remedial courses for Grades 8 & 9 only (remedial courses are for students who received 40-49% in the academic course); Remedial courses begin Monday, July 6 and  end Friday, July 31
•    6 week, full-credit courses begin Thursday, July 2 and end Friday August 7; these are for academic grade 10-12 courses, and can be taken by students who failed a course, want to upgrade their mark, or want to take the course for the first time.
•    Please discuss your plans for summer school with your School Counsellor












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