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The end of the first semester is January 25.  Second semester starts January 31 which is a Day 1.  Students should check with their teachers regarding final exams.  On January 26 and January 27 there are no regular classes, unless their teachers have asked them to come in to work on extra assignments.  There will be no cafeteria service.

Provincial Exams are as follows: 

English 12 - January 24 - 9:30 - 11:30

Communications 12 - January 25 - 9:30 - 11:30





Congratulations to Ms. Johnston and her grades 9 - 12 art classes on their Global art project on Ugandan students!  Please click on the link below for the full story!!!!!

[ http://www.thenownewspaper.com/community/409355285.html ]




Over the last couple of weeks, Breigh Way was the BC Youth Parliament (BCYP) Member for our riding. She was attending meetings and was experiencing what MLAs do every day. It was an initiative organized by our Provincial Government and sponsored by the Youth Parliament of BC Alumni Society. BCYP is youth taking responsibility and initiative to make a positive impact in thier communities. BCYP is a non-profit, non-partisan, parliamentary education and service organization. BCYP brings together youth from across the province and unites them to fulfill the motto of "Youth Serving Youth." The youth of BCYP reach out and make a difference across British Columbia.

The process of applying and being selected is very serious and competitive. Thousands of youth apply for such positions every year. Breigh was going against some tough competition this year but her qualifications and ability to represent our region was far better than the rest of the applicants. Congratulation to Breigh. She made Delview proud.


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 Walk to School Collaboration Wednesdays

Frustrated by the long student drop off lines at the front of Delview? Feeling as though your teenager should be getting to school without your help? Thinking that your kids and all kids, in general, could do with more exercise and the outdoors?

Well…the staff of Delview agree (and research supports our view)! As such, we are bringing about a new initiative this year: WALK (or bike, rollerblade, or skateboard) TO SCHOOL COLLABORATIVE WEDNESDAYS!

Beginning with our first Collaboration Day on Wed. Sept. 21, the STUDENT DROP OFF PARKWAY IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL WILL BE CLOSED from 8:00-9:45am. Please encourage your kids to plan to walk, scoot, or skate to school with their friends.

Adjacent parking lots will also be unavailable during this time! Please help us help your kids experience the value of independence, exercise, and community spirit by LEAVING YOUR CAR PARKED AT HOME!

Canadian Guidelines Recommend That......

For health benefits, youth aged 12 - 17 years should minimize the time they spend being sedentary each day.  This may be achieved by:

- Limiting recreational screen time to no more than 2 hours per day; lower levels are associated with addional health benefits.

- Limiting sedentary (motorized) transport, extended sitting and time spent indoors throughout the day.


One recommendation is that "instead of driving or taking the bus, teens can walk or bike to school with a group of friends from the neighbourhood."



OPENING WEEK INFORMATION (please click on for link below)

Welcome letter from Principal Morgan Kyle

Bell Schedule

Yearly Calendar



Student Schedules are now available on Parent/Student Connect.  Student schedules will not be handed out on the first day of school.  Students should be coming to school with a copy of their schedule.  Because counsellors are working diligently balancing schedules there may be changes to schedules so please check on the weekend for your most up-to-date schedule.


We are introducing Flex Time to help benefit our students.  There will be more information in a short while.  Please continue to check the website for up-to-date information about Flex Time.




January 3                                  School Reopens

January 4                                  Collaboration Day

January 18                                Collaboration Day

January 25                                Last Day of Semester 1 Classes

January 26 - 27                        Semester Break

January 30                                Pro D Day

January 31                                Semester 2 Begins

January 31 - February 3            Grad Photos

February  1                               Collaboration Day

February 2                                Term 2 Reportcards Posted on Parent Connect

February 9                                Grade 9 Immunizations

February 13                              Family Day

February 15                              Collaboration Day

February 24                              Pro D Day

March 1                                   Collaboration Day

March 9                                   Parent Teacher Conference Early Dismissal

March 13 - March 24               Spring Vacation

March 27                                 School Reopens

April 5                                     Collaboration Day

April 6                                     Grade 7 Parent Night

April 14                                   Good Friday - Schools Closed

April 17                                   Easter Monday - Schools Closed

April 19                                   Collaboration Day

April 26                                   Collaboration Day

April 27                                   Term 3 Reportcards Posted on Parent Connect

April 27                                   Trades & Technical Career Fair

May 10                                    Collaboration Day

May 17                                    Collaboration Day

May 22                                    Victoria Day

May 26                                    Grad Banquet

June 7                                     Collaboration Day

June 7                                     Fine Arts Night 7:00 pm

June 26                                   Commencement

June 29                                   Final Reportcards