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Congratulations to Delview's Sr Boys Basketball on placing 2nd at the BC Provincial Sr Boys Basketball Tournament at the Langley Events Centre which took place March 4 - 7.  The Raiders made Delview history by placing 2nd in the AA standings out of 16 teams province wide!  A big congratulations to Coach Nikic and the boys on their successful 2014 - 2015 season!  You have made Delview proud!


 Summer School Registration

•    Online summer school registration will begin the first week after spring break; check back here for the link
•    Delta will offer remedial courses for Grades 8 & 9 only (remedial courses are for students who received 40-49% in the academic course); Remedial courses begin Monday, July 6 and  end Friday, July 31
•    6 week, full-credit courses begin Thursday, July 2 and end Friday August 7; these are for academic grade 10-12 courses, and can be taken by students who failed a course, want to upgrade their mark, or want to take the course for the first time.
•    Please discuss your plans for summer school with your School Counsellor




The Delta Police Student Police Academy provides Grade 11 & 12 students an opportunity to learn about a career in law enforcement.  For further information and to apply for the Student Police Academy, please click on the link below.









Thanks For Giving 2014

Take one small high school with a huge heart, give us a goal of collecting over 10,000 cans in one night and we’ll double that. On our 22nd annual Thanks For Giving food drive, 500 student, staff, parent and community volunteers at Delview Secondary managed to shatter our previous record by collecting 22,009 non-perishable food items.

This year’s Thanks For Giving was filled with immense happiness, pride, and gratitude to all those who helped to make the night possible- though within all that joy are the mixed feelings of having to leave this event behind. As I stood on the stage after we revealed the final total - at that point it was around 20,000- I couldn’t help but think that this was the last time I would be experiencing the absolute insanity of helping to organize this event, and the amazing feeling that comes with helping out countless families in the Delta and Surrey communities.

Though our dedicated Delview volunteers managed to collect over 20,000 cans just over two hours, some of the key organizers knew that meeting this goal wouldn’t be an issue as if we fell short of 20,000 items, the spectacular people at Save On Foods had guaranteed to donate whatever it took to help us reach our goal. However, even though we did meet our goal, Save On Foods still donated the remaining cans of food they had brought in for us, which brought us up to 22,009 items. This has been the second time the class of 2015 has helped break a Thanks For Giving record, but this has certainly been the most memorable.

Without our two amazing teacher sponsors, Mr. Jonathan Kung and Mrs. Heather Cooper, this event would not have happened. Despite all the confusion at the beginning of the year with the teachers’ strike, they still helped make this the most incredible Thanks For Giving Delview has ever seen. Again, I would like to thank all the student, staff, parent and community volunteers that helped make the night possible, and send another huge thank you to the people at Save On Foods whose hearts are just as big as ours.

The graduating class of 2015 is able to leave the school with a legacy of 22,000 cans in the 22nd year of Thanks For Giving - if you ask me, a pretty amazing feat. I cannot express how happy I am to have been a part of this event for the past five years, and how much I owe to the Delview community for making it possible each and every year. Hearing the crowd cheer and scream as we revealed the total is not something I’ll ever forget. This truly has been the most spectacular Thanks For Giving ever.

Tiana Gordon
Thanks For Giving Organizing Team


Student fee and collection day is scheduled for October 29. Students will be called down to the office during

the day for payment. Payments may be made in cash or cheques payable to Delview Secondary School. Fees

will NOT be accepted before October 29. For a list of your student's fees, please go to Parent Connect and

click on the fee tab at the top of the page. Invoices will also be emailed home.






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