Athlete Codes & Forms




Delview Secondary’s Athletic Code:

The students at Delview Secondary will help contribute to a positive athletic experience for all persons involved by the following of our athletic code.


o       It is a privilege and not a right to take part in Delview Secondary’s school activities.

o       All coaches, athletes and managers must be prepared to make a serious commitment to the team and its members.  This includes attendance at all practices, games and related functions.

o       A positive attitude and willingness to cooperate with all coaching and teaching staff, students, opponents, officials and team-mates is expected at all times.

o       Uniforms, equipment and facilities must be treated with respect.  Proper care and return of the uniform is each athlete’s responsibility.  Failure to do so may result in costs for a new uniform to be charged to the student. Students will also be financially responsible for any reckless damage caused to equipment and/or facilities.

o       During school sponsored events, use or possession of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, un-prescribed drugs and other age restricted materials, by the athletic program participant is prohibited and will result in team or school suspension.  This is in accordance with the expectations outlined in the school policies.

o       Attendance and sound academic standing in all classes is mandatory for all athletic program participants.

o       Failure to comply with any of the above statements may result, at the coach’s and/or athletic director’s and/or principal’s discretion, in temporary or permanent suspension from that team, and any other school teams for the duration of the year.  Student athletes must be in ‘good standing’ with the school administration at all times in order to be eligible to play on a team.

o       Student athletes are responsible for obtaining permission to miss classroom sessions from teachers in a manner conducive of respect for the teacher and respect of the opportunity to learn.  Student athletes are personally responsible to make up missed work and to write missed exams at times which are most convenient to the teacher.

Eligibility Criteria:

Students will be eligible to compete in interschool athletics, as representatives of Delview Secondary, if they satisfy the following conditions:

 B.C School Sports Eligibility

It is the responsibility of the teacher/coach or sponsor teacher and the Athletic Director to ensure that students meet all B.C School Sports eligibility requirements.  It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that all the information provided to the school is accurate upon registration.

In School Eligibility

In School Attendance

o       The student must meet satisfactory attendance standards.  If attendance is found to be unsatisfactory, the athlete may be suspended from any further involvement with the team until the matter has been resolved.

In Class Performance

o       This must be satisfactory in both effort and attitude.  If either of the above areas are found to be unsatisfactory, the athlete may be suspended from any further involvement with the team until the mater has been resolved.

Communication of Eligibility Issues

o       The normal lines of communication for resolving any of the above eligibility issues will be as follows:

o       Teacher to student/parent

o       Teacher to coach/counsellor followed by communication to student.

o       Teacher to athletic director, counsellor, administrator and parent.