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Delview Staff List with Email Links

The following is a list of the staff at Delview.  If you would like to email one of the staff members just click on their name.




Ms. M. Kyle                 Principal

Mr. M. Annandale       Vice-Principal


Teaching Staff


Teacher: Website:
Mr. D. Bennett  Mr. Bennett's Webpage
Ms. L. Bochen  
Mr. T. Bonikowsky  
Mr. M. Brown
Mrs. V. Chau  
Mr. N. Choy  Delview Media
Ms. H. Cooper  
Ms. L. Cooper  
Mrs. D. Couwenberghs  Mr. Couwenbergh's Webpage
 Mr. D. Fernandes  
Ms. H. Gi  
Ms. A. Gill  
Mrs. S. Harnik
Ms. D. Hanson  
 Mr. M. Johal  Mr. Johal Science
 Ms. J. Johnston  
Ms. D. Karpun  
Mr. J. Kim  
Mr. J. Kung  Mr. Kung's Webpage
Mr. K. Laubman  
Mr. J. Lazar  
Ms. J. Lebrun  
Mrs. B. Lekakis  Library Webpage
Ms. K. Leung  
Mr. J. MacDonald  
Ms. B. Miller  
 Mr. V. Nikic  
Mr. C. Prideaux  
Mr. R. Sahli  
Mr. J. Sall  
Mrs. K. Samra  Mrs. Samra & Math
Ms. A. Saran  
Ms. N. Schalk  
Mx. T. Spilchen  

Mrs. D.Stevens                


Ms. S. Taffinder


Ms. B. Tory

Mr. M.Turpin
 Delview Theatre Company
Ms. E. Van Hemert  Mme Van Hemert

Mr. B. Waldman



Counselling Staff

Mrs. R. Pooni            A-G   

Mr. J. Sall                  H-Q

Ms. M. Schlatter          R-Z



Office Staff


Mrs. W. Goltz            Admin Assistant

Mrs. J. Marieiro          Office Support/Financial Records Clerk

Mrs. M.Hudie            Accounting Clerek

Mrs. V. Guzzo           Student Data Coordinator


Support Staff

Mr. Diaz Kambere              Youth Support Worker

Ms. S. Bampton                  Youth Support Worker

Ms. M. Jeffrey                     Career Advisor

Education Assistants


Ms. R. Baran

Ms. B. Capadouca

Mrs. T. Cross

Mrs. J. Friesen

Mrs. C. Ginter

Mr. F. Gronlund

Mrs. K. Hydes

Ms. C. Osterricher