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 Graduation Planner

The BC Ministry of Education publishes two documents to help students and parents understand the many aspects of Graduation.

The Graduation Planner provides an opportunity for you to discover what you want to do in the future. This document helps you get started. It explains what’s required and where you have choices. It also covers exams, scholarships, funding, and links to web sites with helpful information. It’s your guide to the last three years of your highschool education.


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Delview's Parent Night was hosted on Thursday March 30, 2017.  To view the powerpoint presentations from the evening, please click on the appropriate link below.

Grade 8 going into Grade 9 Student Powerpoint

Grade 9 going into Grade 10 Student Powerpoint

Grade 10 going into Grade 11 Student Powerpoint

Grade 11 going into Grade 12 Student Powerpoint


Course Information For Parents: Grade 7 going into Grade 8

Course Information For Parents:  Grade 8/9 going into Grade 9/10

Course Information For Parents:  Grade 10/11 going into Grade 11/12



For specific post-secondary requirement information, please see our Career Center webpage



Delview Course Planning Guide 2017 - 2018

Grade 8 Course Selection Worksheet

Grade 9 Course Selection Worksheet

Grade 10 Course Selection Worksheet

Grade 11 Course Selection Worksheet

Grade 12 Course Selection Worksheet 

Graduation Planning Sheets



Link to Parent Connect

Parent Connect – Course Selection How To Information