School Activities

Student Council

Student Council is a group of volunteer students who work with staff members to design, organize, and promote various activities during the school year. These activities include such things as dances, special "days", and intramurals. Students in any grade who wish to volunteer their time and energy are more than welcome to join the council Listen for announcements early in the school year.


Participating on school teams helps to foster responsibility, respect for others, self-discipline, creativity and cooperation; and its fun!


We offer boys and girls teams at senior and junior levels in: Volleyball, Basketball, Rugby, Soccer, and Golf. Other sports are offered as participants and coaches are available.


Concerts are offered throughout the year, and a music tour is often organized for the spring.

Drama Production

The school play will normally be performed in April after rehearsals, which take place during second semester. The play may involve 40-100 students including actors and support personnel. The cast is selected through auditions.

The Art, Drama, and Music Departments organize several Entertainment and Fine Arts Nights throughout the year to showcase student talent.


The Yearbook committee meets from September through the month of April. The yearbook highlights the activities of the school year. The four major areas of production are layout, photography/darkroom, graphic design (artwork) and advertising. While students taking the yearbook course this year will be the core group producing the yearbook, volunteers are welcome to help the Yearbook Committee!


Dances are held throughout the school year. These events are only open to Delview students (no guests). Tickets must be purchased at the school before the dance and will not be sold at the door. All students attending must enter the gym within the first half hour of the announced starting time. Students who leave the dance cannot be re-admitted.

Students not in attendance at school the day of the dance may not be permitted entry to the dance.


Assemblies are held periodically throughout the school year to provide information about school activities, acknowledge student achievement, experience dramatic presentations and highlight special guest speakers. Students are expected to demonstrate proper courtesy when attending.