Activities & Clubs

Delview Student Clubs and Activities : Clubs and Activities
Teacher Sponsor Student Leaders Meeting Days Room Description
Anime Club Johnson Tuesdays Lunch Art Room Reads, narrarates, acts, discusses anime series
Card Game Club Kung Kyle, Logan Fridays Lunch 122 Town of Salem (the card game) and other games people want to play.
Chess (and board game) Club Stevens Ryuta Kawamoto Thursdays lunch 128 Students bring their chess boards and any other board games/ card games (Uno) they like and bring a friend to play with.
Delview Culture Club Pooni, Samra Rupali, Harleen Mondays Lunch 172 To celebrate diversity in our school and community
DYAC Annandale Khushi Every two weeks on Wednesdays 122
First Aid Brown Medical Room First aid for staff, students
First Responders Prideaux Rhea, Breigh Lunchtime on Collaboration days Medical Room Team of students trained to handle medical emergencies around the school and at school events
Grad Committee Chau, Goltz Tuesdays Lunch 132 Book venues and organize grad banquet and events held to raise money
Improv Club Turpin Amelia, Beth Tuesdays and Fridays Lunch 185 Improv activities among students
Me To We Kim Elizabeth, Amelia, Sukhman Mondays Lunch 163 Humanitarian focus – associated with Free The Children and ICEF Canada
Rainbow Club Miller Beth, Weston Wednesdays Lunch 141 Awareness of the common issues towards LGBTQ rights
RespectEd Prideaux Mackenzie, Issac Ad hoc 161 Youth leaders facilitate classroom workshops for younger students – teaching and modeling positive respectful relationships and strategies to stop violence and abuse
Science Club Fernandes TBA Tuesdays and Wednesday Lunch 134 A chance to answer that driving science question that has always been on your mind. Maybe extend something your doing in class or start something new you wish we would do in class. From molecules to dinosaurs, it’s all about science.
Student Council Kung Khushi, Amrika Thursdays Lunch Library Student organizing body representing various student interests at our school. Organizes most activities involving students and deals with issues concerning students.
Voice of Delview Turpin TBA As needed Drama Studio Working the Morning Announcements
Lego Club Brown lunchtime 108
Delview HEROS club Diaz tba wednesdays after sschool back of counseling wing Helping Everyone Respect Our Society. By doing random acts of kindness(RAKs) thorugh out our community
Raideo Kung