Anti-racism Club

Be a part of Delview’s discussion around racism and ways to combat it; we will also host activities to promote anti-racism as well.

Day and time: Mondays at lunch (or any other lunch hour)

Location: Library Who can join: Anyone!


Bhangra Club

Description: A chance to learn some bhangra and also possibly create a school team that would perform at school events like the Christmas assembly, during spirit week or to celebrate Vaisaki. Day and time: Wednesday or Thursday at 3pm Location: Cafeteria Who can join: Anyone! No prior experience needed.


Book Club

Do you like reading? Do you ever wish you had friends who enjoyed it as much as you do, so you could share theories and obsess over characters? For the second year in a row, Delview is having a book club! Every month, we will all come together to vote on a book and have regular meetings to talk theories, likes, dislikes, and more!

Who: All grades are welcome!

Where: Library

When: Last Friday of the month after school

Sponsor Teacher: Ms. Minhas


Business 101

Discover the secrets of the business world and embark on a journey to become a thriving young entrepreneur, poised to unlock your financial potential.

Meeting Day – Thursdays

Location – Mr. Yuill -TBD


Criminal Minds Club

Description: Whether you want to be a detective, psychologist, lawyer, or simply have a curiosity for solving the mysteries of the human mind and criminal behaviour, our club provides a supportive environment.


Debate Club

Join Delview’s Debate Club and hone your debating skills while meeting new people!

Friday’s at 3:00 Room 134 – Ms Thomas


Delview Cultural Club

Brief Description: Delview Cultural Club brings cultural awareness within the Delview community and recognizes diversity.

Meeting day(s)/times: Wednesday at lunch

Meeting location: Mrs. Samra’s room 172

Who can join? Grade 8-10 who are interested in making and coming up with cool games, decorating the school during cultural events and, activities; please come join us for our first meeting on Wednesday September 28 at lunch in room 172. See you all there!!


Delview Jr. Leo’s Club

Make a change in our community and our school and be a part of the broader Leo’s comunity, taking pride in serving the community, our neighbourhoods to make them a better place!

Meeting Day(s) times: Monday’s at Lunch

Meeting location: Room 182 – Mr. Stuart


Delview Lounge Club

Description: The club is a space for students to relxx, play video games, or get help on school work from Grade 12 leaders.

Meeting Day: Thursdays After School


DYAC (Delta Youth Advisory Council)

Brief Description: this club is led by student initiatives for our school and connects with the other DYAC groups in the district who advise our school board and Trustees

Meeting day(s)/times: Wednesdays after school

Meeting location: library

Who can join? All grades welcome!


eSports Club

Brief Description: Get together and play video games for fun

Meeting day(s)/times: Thursday’s after school

Meeting location: 144

Who can join? Any person with opposable thumbs, gamers, anyone interested in learning about games, or anyone wanting to play games for an hour on a Friday


Room 181

The Explorers Club

Brief Description: Students and staff take turns presenting a passion, a new idea, hobby, or something they learned to the audience in the room.

Meeting day(s)/times: Wednesdays at lunch

Meeting location: 144

Who can join? Any human being in the school


Grad Committee

Brief Description: The Grad Committee plans, organizes and runs grad activities. Some of the activities may include: Grad hoodie design contest and sale; samosa sale; winter formal; grad coffee house; bottle drives, grad bbq; grad spirit week.

Meeting day(s)/times: Every second Tuesday at lunch

Meeting location: Ms Chau’s room (Room 132)

Who can join? Any Grads can join


Henna Club

Monday’s at 2:45


 Model UN

Get a chance to learn more about the UN and how it operates. Simulations of real life events and crises, with people your own age. Learn about diplomacy, international relations and improve your public speaking and debating skills!

Meeting Days: TBD

Location: TBD – Mr. Yuill


Rainbow Club

come and have lunch and hangout with Delview’s LGBTQIAS+ and allies. A safe and welcoming space to be and discuss any topics of interest.

Tuesdays at lunch in Room 122


 Robotics Club

Be a part of Delview’s Robotics Team!

Meeting Days: Mondays after school with Ms. Chang

Locations: Room 112


Student Council

Thursday Room 181