“The Delta Youth Advisory Council, or DYAC, is comprised of student leaders from each of the 7 Secondary Schools in Delta and is open to any student interested in student leadership and student voice in the Delta School District. The primary role of DYAC is to gather information and perspectives about issues from peers that are important to their education and experiences in Delta Schools. DYAC students have opportunities to engage with School Trustees from the Delta Board of Education and Senior Staff in the District to present issues and concerns and provide input on important initiatives in the District. DYAC is about students having a real voice in shaping the solutions to problems and challenges students are facing today in their educational journey.”

Student leaders meet weekly at school and monthly with DYAC students from other Delta schools to lead student initiatives.

Grad Committee is a group of students who represent the entire grade 12 class. They are the voice of Grads. They plan, organize and carry out all Grad events and activities: bottle drive fundraisers, bake sales, Grad Wear, Winter Formal, Spring Fling, Rent-a-Grad, Grad Spirit Week, etc. Grad Committee meets every second Tuesday at lunch in room 132. Students propose ideas for events and activities, have a discussion and then vote on whether they want those activities to go forward. Sub-committees for each Grad activity or event are formed so that the planning could occur. These sub-committees then put on these events with consultation from the Grad Committee.