About Our School

When Ernie Marshall, the school’s first principal, was asked in 1969 to come up with a name for the first junior high school to be built in North Delta, he called for suggestions from parents and students. Ernie spliced “Delta” together with “Riverview” and came up with “Delview”. The school icon, A Norse Raider, reflected the Scandinavian roots of the original European settlers who came to the Annieville/Sunbury area to fish.

Delview opened with classes held at North Delta Secondary in September of 1969, with students attending afternoon classes between 12:30 and 5:30 pm while everyone awaited completion of the new school being built on 116th street. In February of 1970, the students and staff moved into their new building. Mr. Marshall was provided a budget of $130,000 to equip the entire school. The school originally opened as a Junior Secondary School with students in grades eight through ten. In the 2006-2007 school year the school changed to a full Secondary School and in June of 2007 the inaugural Graduating Class of Delview Secondary crossed the stage to receive their diplomas.