Grad 2021


June 5th at North Delta Secondary Theatre.

2:00pm – 9:00pm (estimate)

As we move closer to the date, we will provide more information. While I am hoping to
include parents in this event, your participation will be dependent on the health orders at that time and we will keep you informed whether or not we will be able to provide this opportunity. The event is being run by GradsBC
( They will pre-capture the graduation moments on video.
We are planning for the event to have the following:
• Short indoor Red Carpet Walk
• Glamour Photograph (Formal Wear or Cap and Gown)
• Commencement and Valedictory speeches,
• Grads wearing their gowns and caps and walking across the stage to receive their certificate
• Hat Toss station and other highlights for each school.

As we plan this event, we think it will be similar to what we did last year for the Grad Celebration of 2020. To have a look at
last year’s event, please follow the link below.
Grad 2020 Virtual Grad Event
Visit Link:
Your unique password is: delviewgrad2020

Delview Grad Letter-April 2oth