Counselling Center

Counselling service at Delview is provided to students based on the student’s last name.

 Ms. R. Pooni                 Last Name A – G


 Ms. R. Sharma              Last Name H – M


Ms. L. Hughes                Last Name   N – Z


Who Are We?
Counsellors are certified teachers who have specialized training, or a Master’s degree, in the areas of individual and group counselling, adolescent development, and mental health issues.

How to Access a Counsellor
Please contact Delview at 604.594.5491 to speak with a counsellor or contact us through our email.

Personal Counselling
Group or individual sessions are offered, as need arises, on issues such as the following adolescent concerns:
Ø Depression
Ø Anxiety
Ø Self-harm
Ø Suicide
Ø Substance use
Ø Self-esteem
Ø Sexual identity
Ø Grief
Ø Family relationships
Ø Peer issues

Referrals to community agencies can also be made through the counsellors.

We offer mediation for students as an opportunity to resolve conflicts.  These may be between two or more students or between a student and teacher.

Academic/Career Counselling
We strive to help students achieve the highest academic standards that they can attain.  In order to help students be successful we offer the following services:

Ø Providing information about  graduation requirements
Ø Getting interim reports
Ø Connecting students with tutors
Ø Placement into special programs such as Learning Assistance or ESL
Ø Providing information about course selection
Ø Providing post-secondary and career information
Ø Helping students with decision making regarding future careers

CONFIDENTIALITY!  What Does It Mean At Delview?
Confidentiality is keeping discussions and information private between the counsellor and the client, in most cases this would be the student.

Confidentiality is taken very seriously at Delview.  If you have concerns about confidentiality please discuss them immediately with the counsellor.

Confidentiality will be maintained at all times except for the following three exceptions:

Ø The student is going to hurt themself.
Ø The student is going to hurt someone else.
Ø The student has been hurt by someone else.

If any of the above situations arise the counselor will discuss the options available to the student in regards to staying safe.

Parents:  How Can We Work Together?
We can act as a resource or conduit for the following types of information:

Ø interim checks on academic progress
Ø course planning, which includes grad requirements and post secondary options
Ø adolescent development
Ø placement decisions about specialized help such as Learning Assistance
Ø tutor information
Ø support family in times of crisis
Ø help plan a homework routine
Ø help plan a behavior program
Ø liaise with other community personnel such as a family physician
Ø share information such as health issues or learning needs with staff as needed
Ø referrals to community agencies

We look forward to working with all parents and guardians in any way possible to help all of our students have the most positive high school experience possible.